A Small Voice: Conversations With Photographers

071 - Paul Lowe (pt.1)

Episode Summary

This is part one of a two part chat with Dr. Paul Lowe. Paul is a Reader in Documentary Photography and the Course Leader of the Masters program in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London. Before elected to put his cameras away in favour of a life in academia, Paul was an award-winning news and documentary photographer with several World Press Photo awards under his belt and many years of experience covering breaking news the world over, including the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Romanian revolution, Nelson Mandela’s release, famine in Africa, the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, and the destruction of Grozny during the conflict in Chechnya. His pictures have appeared in such esteemed publications as TIME, Newsweek, Life, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Observer, and The Independent, amongst others. His book, Bosnians, documenting 10 years of the war and post-war situation in Bosnia, was published in April 2005 by Saqi books. His research interest focuses on the photography of conflict, and he has contributed chapters to the books Picturing Atrocity: Photography in Crisis (Reaktion, 2012) and Photography and Conflict. His most recent books include Photography Masterclass (buy on Amazon) published by Thames and Hudson, and Understanding Photojournalism, co-authored with Dr. Jenny Good, published by Bloomsbury Academic Press (Buy on Amazon). THIS EPISODE OF THE PODCAST IS SPONSORED BY THE CHARCOAL BOOK CLUB - THE LATEST AND GREATEST PHOTOBOOKS, EXPERTLY CURATED AND DELIVERED TO YOU DOOR WITH FREE SHIPPING AND NO HASSLES. \*\*VERY SPECIAL LISTENER OFFER\*\* USE CODE 'ASMALLVOICE' TO CLAIM A FREE PHOTOBOOK WHEN YOU JOIN!!! https://charcoalbookclub.com - INFORM THE MIND, INSPIRE THE SOUL